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The 360mm Symmar won't cover 12x20, I tried it, at least mounted in copal 3 shutter. The Clarons have amazing amounts of coverage the farther you stop down, much more so than the Symmars.


The 360mm f/5.6 Symmar convertible covers 12X20 as well or perhaps a tad better than the G-Claron. I have not checked in a while but I believe you get full coverage with the Symmar convertible beginning at about f/32, which is about the same as with the G-Claron.

I would personally much work with the Symmar than the G-Claron if weight and space is not a consideration because composing and focusing at f/5.6 has it all over focusing and composing at f/9.

And I frankly believe the Symmar is a better lens for landscapes than the G-Claron. And they can be real bargains. Going price in a big Compound shutter is generally $500 or less.