Hi there,

Just got photobizz's crown graphic in a trade. It's in primo shape, no lens but otherwise very nice. Bellows appear to be in great shape, graflok back with lens hood, all movements work nicely. Viewfinder appears to work but not calibrated.

I didn't do enough research and realized after the fact that I wanted a speed graphic for the focal plane shutter. And also that I wanted a camera with movements suitable for doing portraits, and that these cameras do not have rotating backs.

So I'm interested in trading this for something along the lines of:
1) your beat up speed graphic that's 100% functional and has a lens (has to have the focal plane shutter)
1a) your ex condition speed graphic with no lens (viewfinder functionality is not a priority for me for either of these)
2) your super speed graphic (only need functional condition, again, not worried about the viewfinder)
3) your wooden 4x5 field camera, could be old (don't need a ton of movements, mostly just want front drop and back tilt - wood cameras with decent bellows are totally acceptable)
4) your 4x5 monorail
and your or my cash or other stuff to fill in the price gaps. Prefer not to have to restore stuff to get it going but will consider your needs work cameras as a possibility.

If there is some way I can have the focal plane shutter with good portrait orientated movements, please let me know!