I have 2 kinds of minis I take with me everywhere; The Rollei 16 that is a bit larger, has a focusing Zeiss Tessar T* lens and I have to roll my own and there are only a few kinds of film that will work in it (Single Perf 16mm) It makes fantastic 3 1/5 x 5 prints and even a 5x7 once in a while. It has no battery and auto-exposure. The other is one of my 5 Minolta 16 II cameras. The Rokkor lens is very sharp but fixed focus. It will take any 16mm film - roll you own. If you stop down for DOF, you get some diffraction, else you must be nearly 10feet away. It makes nice 3 1/2 x 5 as well. Even better with tech pan and there is color film that will work - I can slit any 35mm film - the camera doesn't use the perfs. These little cameras are great for little memory savers and small art like prints. As long as that is your expectations, you won't be dissatisfied. Most prints will fall apart at a 5x7 and controls are primitive. I have learned to make my minis work well and enjoy them very much - you know -- when I can't take a real camera .... with sheets of film.