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I use a 355mm G-Claron on 12x20 and it does cover with some movements at f/32 and beyond. Also I have grown really fond of my Fuji 450mm f/8 CMW, this is not the little C lens. It is a huge heavy plasmat, but it more than covers 12x20 with plenty of movements. Both of them are sharp across the field, so they would work very well for 11x14. Also the Fuji 600C covers up to 12x20, another great lens.

I have the hots for the 450 CM-w but haven't seen one for sale this year (could have missed one), I have the two 450s I mentioned before and the Nikkor is great. I want something wider for my 11x14 and thought the 360 Nikkor would be the ticket. Where I have used it so far, I need rise for architectural subjects and have about 15 sheets with top corner vignettes. I'm surprised by the vignetting with the 360 because all the other Nikkor lenses I have are extremely generous in coverage..EC