I find Tintoretto's paintings absolutely thrilling to see. There was a large show mounted last year here in Boston of Titian, Tintoretto, and Veronese, and I have to say his paintings are amazing... his use of space, how he renders the figure, his palette... oh my!! Love it.

Modlgliani stands alone as unique among painters, I also quite like his work, even if it doesn't employ the visual gymnastics of a Tintoretto. Still... he relates nicely to Brancusi and Weston. I see Brancusi and Weston as quite similar, interested in beautiful, simple form. Weston's picture of the torso of his son (Brett??) has this dark negative space along the edge of the frame that I've often thought resembles a Brancusi.

Oh, and Kandinsky, a mess?? That's my kind of mess.

As an enthusiastic student of the history of art, I think it's always good to look at the work of others... there are all sorts of interesting parallels and conversations to be found there. Even if you don't at first like the work, allow yourself to study it, try to understand why you don't like it before dismissing it too quickly.