Well, I have been toying with the idear of hauling the family from little old Delaware to Manistique (the area anyway) in late July/ early August next year. I haven't been there since I was a child in 73 or so when my grandparents took myself (3 yrs old) and my infant brother. All I remember is cool water and sitting on Paul Bunyan's lap in Frankenmuth.

So, I have done some preliminary research. This is the limit for a two day drive for me. It might have to be doled out into three due to Faith, my wife, having fibro and psyatic issues. Sitting for long ain't the greatest.

So, I will have an almost eighteen year old son, an almost 15 year old daughter and my beautiful wife. And a 4x5. Thinking on maybe staying near Indian Lake. What's there to do? Must be family oriented. I can't drag them 992 (according to Google) miles and strand them as I trapse all over the place with a big camera. But I'm bringing it anyway.