Our local Boots has had its photolab disappear seemingly overnight and replaced with a shiny cosmetics wall. I was stunned when I walked in. The local branch of Snappy Snaps "does film" but it does it wrong - awful amounts of dust on my negatives last time I used them and paid quite a premium for 1 hour from them.
I now send off my c-41 (because I have developed c-41 before but I prefer prints and minilab prints will always be more worth my time than hours and hours spent in a darkroom) to these guys and the prints come back really nice and films all clean http://www.onlinephotocentre.co.uk/ Shameless plug for them from me because they were fast (posted on monday, prints and film came back on thursday) and I thought others might like to use them while they can since labs are disappearing (Spectrum Imaging of Newcastle has closed now).