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OK, some folks were down on me only charging $60 for a sitting fee. Well, that is what I call a bit of money for them to monetize my hobby for me.

Last night one of the patrons came by to order prints, and I have a $140 order from her, and another client mailed me thier order the same day, and was for $190. I should be able to get these printed in about 5 hours, and enjoy the time spent doing the printing. The processor has had its water baths filled, and the paper is out of the freezer, so likely tomorrow evening I will get started.

Otherwise I would be studynig too much for an upcoming exam, or at work more than I should be. So this under cost work is a nice diversion for me.
... And this is the reason why. From a hobbyist point of view that is a fair sum, and fair play to you for earning it. Seriously. Well done.
From the point of view from someone who makes a living, or intends to make a living off portrait photography, that sort of return for the time invested would still not be viable. Congratulations on the print order... Have fun in the dark!