My translator threw up this: "Pocket Kasettenfilme films are loaded with 16mm film.", which seems to suggest that the cassettes may be loaded not with true 110 film but with 16mm. If that's the case, it wouldn't work in all/many 110 cameras. The concept of no backing paper is interesting, though, as I occasionally cut down b/w film and load it into cassettes as do many. It set me thinking that perhaps the backing paper is unnecessary if the back of the cartridge is made light-tight and without the thickness of the paper considerably more exposures of film could be wound on. You'd just need either a good memory or a piece of paper to keep count of the number of exposures used. Perhaps something would be needed in the film window to take up the space vacated by the paper and ensure that the film plane wasn't able to vary excessively (well, any more than 110 is said to anyway!)