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I think one needs the discipline...
What? No magic bullet? That's a shame :-(

I guess discipline is the answer though.

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PS) What do you think of the Lodima paper?
I love it Tom. One reason my backlog got so huge was that I proofed with a pt/pd print. This was slow of course, and coupled with the expense this meant that I only proofed a relatively small number of negatives. I tried proofing with silver gelatin paper (RC grade 0) but this was rarely good enough to see all the detail so I stopped.

With Lodima grade 2 and a vacuum frame, I can expose 4 prints at a time under a light bulb. This really boosts throughput. Although none of them are fine prints they're good enough to show me what's on the negative and decide whether or not to take it to a platinum print.

Since I've been doing this I've already discovered (or re-discovered) several drop dead gorgeous photos.