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You are ambitious working with the camera, process and print within the same time period.
You're right, trying to do it all in one weekend only works with a few negatives. This weekend I spent 3 hours in the Cathedral and made 5 pictures (2 negatives for each). All have been proofed but although 4 are worth printing I only got to make 2 finished Pt/Pd prints - and that meant working very late.

I suspect that I'll end up stopping once I've proofed everything. That way I get to see a print before I make my next photos so I can build on them rather than repeat them.

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Ian- one way to cut down on the backlog is to switch to ULF - I can only shoot 6 sheets of 14x17 in a day .
That's too big for me! I go up to 11x14 in the studio but then I'm limited by the number of holders I have.