I have been toying with the idea of making a cigar box pin hole camera. The box I have has a sliding lid and is made with !/2" thick red wood. The inside dimensions are 4 3/4"W x 6 1/16L x 3 3/4D. The lid has dado cuts that slide into matching dado's in the top of the box with a half inch overlap on the ends and sides. It is a fairly hefty box with finger joints and as I said, I had played with the idea of a simple pin hole but I can never do anything the simple way, I always find someway to complicate things. What are your ideas on a 4x5 GG with the same in a cut film holder for this project? The way I see it, the GG can simply slide into the dado for the top for viewing and be replaced by the film holder with the film at the same distance from the "lens/hole. Remember, the film will be 3 3/4" away from the lens/hole. Ok, ahy ideas.