RB 67 Pro-S, W/waist level finder, rotating back adapter, 2-220 Pro-S backs, P adapter & Polaroid back, extra focusing screen, Double cable release.
The body and all of the backs have new light seals, both backs have dark slides, one of the dark slides is the non-locking type(earlier).

55mm/4.5 & macro 140mm/4.5 C lenses, one rear cap & two front caps.
55mm is clean, no scratches, cleaning marks or fungus.

140mm has edge separation in one group. But no scratches, cleaning marks or fungus. The separation has no effect on image quality.

There is minimal paint wear on both lens barrels, a few random marks.

Both shutters are working properly both in normal and mirror up mode, shutter speeds appear to be working properly through their range.

Tamrac case that holds everything but the Polaroid back & one magazine.

Asking $450./Offer + $10 towards shipping by Priority Mail to Conus.
Paypal preferred