I presume you are talking C-41. Abe Vinegar, from the Detroit area shows up at the Toronto area camera shows quite regularly, and always has a pretty health stack of out dated 4x5, 120/220 and 35mm going for a reasonable price.

It is mostly E-6,then C-41 specials that I buy and play with. Some is regular E-6, some is c-41, some is special purpose -like E-6 dupe stock and C-41 interneg stock. All are tons of fun ways to make images with. Some is T rated. All that he does not have usually is straight B&W film.

I have about 16 Ekta 64T 35mm rolls left that I have been using up shooting my family vacations with. Mostly because I am out in daytime and the EI50 with the warming filter can be tolerated in terms of staying handheld when necessary. Then when in an incandescant situation, the speed loss with the filter off is so much less that shooting daylight and adding cool filtering for shooting it under tunsten.