My system is a little different in that I don't proof anything, just read the negatives and print the best. Some are easy to eliminate on initial reading, and others on the first print. With years of experience, I know pretty much if I have a keeper or a looser without spending a lot of time. There is of course a downside, occasionally I will return to an elimated negative years later to find that I missed something; fortunately, this seldom happens.

Another part of my system immediately following a shooting spree, is to lock myself in the darkroom until all processing and printing has been completed. This is the part of the process that Brett Weston referred to as "drudgery". I recently completed a five week camera trip through England and Scotland, with two solid weeks spent in the darkroom upon return. Most of the printing is complete, with twenty-five prints mounted up. This is really the only way I can evaluate my work; some of the prints fall short, and will be redone.

However, I have earned my reward. The reward is getting back into the field to start the process over again!

Backlog or not, your work is excellent!