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I think the OP is taking too many photos or isn't editing them down enough if they are 1000 images behind
I find this a very constraining statement. Sure, we all have different methods of working ... it could just as easily be said you don't take enough photos.

(Nothing personal, just playing devils advocate)

Its said that Garry Winogrand died with over 10,000 undeveloped exposures ... sure you could argue he shot too much, but he was obsessed and edited down some fine books.

Anyhow how much someone shoots shouldn't be the issue here, it should be helping them find a workflow that suits that style / lifestyle. I binge shoot all the time ... course then I have to immerse myself in the film/printing process to deal with that. I have never once felt bad about how much film I've shot, and I still enjoy looking back and re-editing old work. My sensibilities are different now than when I shot some of my older film so I often find images that interest me now that didn't then. Deep psychological discussions may follow

I am in no way saying people who shoot very carefully and sparsely are wrong either. I have many friends who work this way and make great photographs. I would never suggest they change their methodology.

All I know is, in the end, I've never regretted taking a photograph, but there are a few I regret not taking.

edit: i re-read what I quoted from you and notice you didnt' just mention shooting, but editing as well ... so yes, I can and will agree that editing is an artform in itself and despite how much film one shoots its an important skill.

But again, if one has the passion to feel 1,000 photos need to be printed, then there is only one thing to do ... find the time!