Hi All,

I've always been interested in photography, but always never had a chance to buying a slr since I thought they were so expensive. But I've recently bought a Nikon F100 with a Nikkor 50mm AF f1.8D! I'm pretty excited about it as it's coming in the mail in a few days. A few questions:

-Is there any basic film slr books you guys recommend? (i need something that will teach me about the iso, different films to use, how to change the film canister)!

-What about any good online articles on film slrs in general? I've found alot on dslrs but barely any on film slrs!

-Since I'm going to buy it used, how should I test the slr for any problems? Are there any specific things I should test on the camera?

-How do you guys process your film the cheapest? I was thinking of just having my film developed and getting the digital copy of it for now.