Hello- Welcolme to the world of photography with an SLR...and with film no less! The benefits of a camera like this one are really, really, amazing. You best ways to test the camera would be to shoot a roll of film through it and see how it comes out ....If there huge problems with the camera, it should be evident in the images that it gives. I would reccomend finding a copy of the camera manual since the F100 is a pretty advanced camera. As far as procssing goes, you may want to check the local telephone book to see if any photo labs are around. If not, there are plenty of reccomendations that I as well as others on here would have as to good mail oder labs. If you are trying to keep costs down then I suppose that developing and having scans made would be a good way to go. Have fun and feel free to come back with specific camera questions. We are here to help each other out. I can't seem to think of any great articles for you off hand but I just found this. http://www.guidetofilmphotography.com/ I hope it is helpful.