I have nothing but good things to say about FreeStyle whether I am in the store or having the products shipped to the East Coast.

I had a problem when I ordered ten 120 rolls of Tri-X Pan 320 from B&H. B&H shipped immediately. The US Post Office claimed it was delivered. It was not and none of the neighbors ever saw the package. B&H, just like FreeStyle in an earlier post, had me fill out some paper work and since the film was no longer available promptly put the money back on the credit card immediately. It took the US Post Office a month until they started the investigation and another month until the US Post Office agreed that the package was lost. But B&H and FreeStyle does not leave the customer hanging until the US Post Office or other shipper gets their act together.

In today's world there are few companies that care about their customers and both B&H and FreeStyle do!