After my FM10, the F100 was my first "professional looking" camera. I hope that you enjoy it, beacuse after years of owning mine, I know I still get great use out of it.

I second getting the battery grip, it is a very useful item for adding some weight and stability in your hands.

Books: There are a lot fo them. The NatGeo guide is great, that was my first book and it served me well. Another great book that you will learn from to no end is "Photography" by John Upton, Barbara London, and Jim Stone. I have a 'pre-jim stone' 6th edition, they are currently on the 9th edition, but whichever you choose, you will get a lot of information out of it.

Oh- If you havent gotten idea to do this yet, start now, but shoot as many types of films as you can-- There will probably never be as many films available on the market now as there will be in the future.

All the best