After using this Leica CL for a few month's i'm looking to sell this Mint Leica CL with strap, a User Condition 135mm Hektor Lens, Leica Leather Case, and Leica Carrying Case. I've just picked up a Gossen Luna-Pro S meter and would love to have a go at an M2.

This CL is in Near Mint condition; there are more photos here:

SN: 13260**

The only tiny scrapes noted are on the bottom, near the rewind crank and on the corner in front of it.

It has a fresh battery which is a slightly higher voltage, and is currently compensated by the ISO set to half of what is in it.

The lightmeter is in full working order, and is accurate, the swinging arm cell is in perfect looking condition, No hesitation.

I've shot a total of maybe 20 rolls in it, with previous owner using it sparsely, this camera is smooth and operates wonderfully.

Also included is a User condition Hektor, pictures also available on the link. The lens has some dust on the rear element (which can't be really easily cleaned), and the M-Bayonet mount was slightly bent. The front element has some cleaning marks, but the lens itself is usable.

The Leica Leather Bag has some spots of wear, but can be cleaned to look good.

The CL Leather cover is in good condition, just minor wear and the strap that comes with the camera is also in great condition.

$420 dollars for all not including shipping
$380 dollars for all excluding 135mm Hektor

Shipping in the CONUS will be $25 dollars, international, please contact me.

More in the URL provided above..