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Where on earth is this pre press business?

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Lee, pre-press from my perspective is dead as it has all gone digital, but a while back the company which I ultimately purchased made line and halftone negatives for the local newspapers as well as lith printers and such. All of the plates printers use needed to be printed with negativesand then those negatives had to be burned to printing plastes. We did both. I gather is was a hopping business because they had 20 employees and a 20,000 ft warehouse downtown. By the time I bought, there were two owners, no employees, and 200 sq ft and an industrial park.

OOPs&#33; I see you said where? Well I am in Boise, ID and the pre-press business it is, it&#39;s still here somewhere there are gigasetters and image setters, and file to plate burners.