Hi Eric,

If you can stand a little harsh criticism, and are interested in the little I know about "pro" websites, I'd say

1) the pages are slow to load, which is frustrating...most sites are pretty quick to load.
2) I think you want to minimize the amount of clicks it takes to get to a picture: counting clicking the link to your website, I count three, which isn't bad, but each click is slow, so it feels more like 6.
3) The orange tags marking photos as "new" definitely do not look "pro"
4) You kind of have two navigational things going on at once, because you have all the thumbnails on each portfolio page, but then once you click in your into this linear progression of pictures. And the viewer thing takes over the window, which is sort of annoying. My preference would be to click on a thumbnail of one picture and have it take me to the album.
5) way too much text on the home page...no one cares about reading stuff till they see your pictures
6) thumbnails are too small to be helpful
7) "wild rose brewery" only has three pictures in it...kind of a dissapointing click. Seems like not a completed project, so it sort of detracts from the whole. But if you had a folder called "documentary" or "breweries" and had a whole project in there, that would be fine. Or just take the portrait picture and put it in a folder called "portraits".
8) .jpg at the end of photo titles doesn't look good.
9) I think I'd make the blog a seperate entity, that's just me.

The pictures themselves look great. Sorry to be harsh, it's a fine website, I've just spent a crapload of time thinking about websites, and you asked.

I ended up going with viewbook.com, which after a lot of improvements works really well and I think looks good.

Good luck!