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Thanks for the suggestion made so far. It's always nice to have recommendation from other photography minded people. I'm so overwhelm by work that I have absolutely no time for trip planning beside this thread. I'll definitely print it out before jumping on the plane.

Well, Ash, it would be somewhat difficult to post some pictures in the short term. I don't have a scanner yet, so I do only wet prints. Scanning prints had been very disappointing so far on scanners that I have access to and are a shame compared to the original. Therefore, I'm not loosing my time on those. The only pictures that are likely to be seen on the net are the one made from a digital capture, but people here are not interested in those So, better pass by Copenhagen to see the good stuff
I'd happily stop by Copenhagen! I'll be in Stockholm sometime before the end of the year, much closer than Massachusetts. In any case, enjoy your trip!