It's time to begin signing up the Round 4 of the Group Print Exchange.

Post a reply here if you would like to join.

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There has been a few participants in the last exchanges that never received a print from someone in their group. By joining the exchange you need to understand that there is a slight chance that you might not receive a print from a member of the group that you are in.

Overall I think there is a great bunch of people here on APUG and like to think that no one is out to stiff anybody. People get busy and something like the Print Exchange gets put on the back burner with intentions of getting to it later, but for one reason or another the prints just never get finished.

You need to weigh the risk involved. Personally I feel that the reward is far greater than the risk. Because of this exchange I have some truly beautiful prints hanging in my home. And for the record there are 2 members that have not sent me a print, but I will not let that keep me from enjoying the exchanges.

In order to take part in Round 4 you must be current with the previous exchanges. If you have prints due to others you will need to get them sent before the groups for Round 4 are selected.

Those of you who have not received prints from past exchanges please send me a PM and let me know. (Previous PM's that I received about these have been deleted)
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I'm thinking we will select groups the last week of February, and the prints will be due the last week of March.