In response to your question on ULF, this is ultra large format. Usually large formats in photography are divided into "large" and "ultra large" . Large format would describe a film format beginning at 4X5 inches and include 5X7 and 8X10 inch negatives. Ultra large format begins with 11X14 inch and includes 7X17, 8X20, 12X20, 16X20 and 20X24 inch film negative size. My earlier post about enlarging negatives is addressing the fact that many photographers use one of the smaller "large format" cameras. Because pt-pd, carbon, and other alternative processes are contact printing process the size of the print is limited by the camera negative. Thus if one is able to enlarge the negative to a larger size from a smaller camera negative, a larger contact print is then possible. This process of enlarging negatives is being done by several people. However, indications that I have are that there exists a need for a source to output these enlarged negatives. If you have the time and the inclination it may be a source of income for you. Good luck to you.