Good that my prints arrived without damage.

In the meantime a beautiful print from Andrey arrived at my door. Wow you guys know how to make me impressed. This is a great round for me.

@Jeff: Here is a little anecdote about my first ever print exchange on APUG. I was in a group with a photographer from New Zealand who did really big panoramas. So I went on his web site and had a look at his images and there was one image where I thought "Hey I would like to see this in real!". It was really only a thought and I did not even speak it out loud but a short time later I had exactly that image in my mailbox. I did not know that telepathy works around half of our planet.

So now after I sent my prints for this round I also uploaded a scanned version on flickr, just to see that you added it to your favorites. So this was the first time that I knew upfront that my print will be welcome. There must be a good connection through the middle of the earth.