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I'm not sure, could there be some light leaks there?
Definitely some light leaks and other artifacts (maybe some from my slap-dash Caffenol developing). The film is years old, certainly way past expired, and sat around an antique shop for who knows how long. There are only five complete frames, then a few that suggest that the camera was toyed with inexpertly (shutter tripped with no lens on, for example). The back on the camera doesn't close quite completely either, and this might have contributed to the light leaks.

Anyway they aren't my photos! I'm just wondering where they were taken. Thanks for the suggestions on the place, everyone. I happen to know that the previous owner lived in the LA area in the late 1960's so that's my main reason for thinking this is the west coast. It reminds me a little of Yaquina Head and Agate Beach, near Newport, OR but it's not exactly the same.