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I recall reading about how that Ansel Adams thought that it was unwise for camera cases to be black. He did an experiment in which he painted one white. Comparing it to a black one, he found that the white one heated up much more slowly than the black one.

Taking the camera with you is probably a better idea yet.

I definitely need to remember to paint my camera box white.
And a nice touch would be to use a bit of Velcro, or adhesive to attach
a thermometer inside the lid. I only keep the 4X5, and accessories in there.
Never any film, I use a small lunch cooler for the film.
Whenever I'm at the Post Office I take a few of the large Priority Mail
( the large Tyvek ) envelopes. I use one for storing unexposed film, and holders, and another for exposed material, they both get sealed with tape.
And everything gets sandwiched between some slightly dampened towels.
Remember to turn the envelopes inside out. Not sure if it's a Federal Offense
to misuse Government property. It's bad enough to be harrassed for taking
pictures, no need to be a total criminal and be caught with the envelopes
being mistreated. The envelopes are extremely durable, they are waterproof, they might even be bulletproof !!!


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