Ian, you don't think there is extra contrast at midday? At least around here, noon light is typically very hard and direct, with little sideways scatter, so the shadows are very deep e.g. around trees or buildings. For pinhole I like the hard contrasty edges (and I am well aware that some do not like that). Having an extra stop or two of light is nice too, when the effective aperture is f/250 or so...


Anyway, what makes light interesting in general? It is up to the photographer to find the interest. We are supposed to see things that others do not, that's what makes us photographers. And I think I have found a fair bit of interest in hard, noon light. There is a lot of sunrise/sunset stuff out there; I think the O.P. is to be commended for seeking ways to work with light that many would reject outright, simply because they cannot think creatively or they want to take a 'pretty' photograph that everyone has seen before.

People simply have to try and see what works for them.