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Ian, you don't think there is extra contrast at midday? At least around here, noon light is typically very hard and direct, with little sideways scatter, so the shadows are very deep e.g. around trees or buildings. For pinhole I like the hard contrasty edges (and I am well aware that some do not like that). Having an extra stop or two of light is nice too, when the effective aperture is f/250 or so...
From recent experiences no, I made a point of checking with my spotmeter because I was quite surprised at first. In theory the closer to the equator the harsher the shadows at midday, but other factors seem to come into play.

These are "open" shadows which aren't deep because "there's so much light that the sky acts like a giant fill in diffuser". I guess a lot depends on what & where you are photographing, wide open places are no problem.

I do use N-2 development, but have never needed to yet here in the midday sun in Turkey