I learn a lot about my style every time I put a photo up for critique. I like to see all the zones or more - I get criticized for not having enough contrast (I am unwilling to lose shadow detail) - I love to use very narrow bands of focus to highlight my point of interest - easy to do with 4x5. People will say - it is blurry - jeepers - I can see the dirt INSIDE his pores! For me, flat lighting makes flat prints (a learning front for me so far) I like more specteral lighting. The worst time of day to shoot ... noon in the sun - turns out to please me for unusual outdoor subjects. I love to shoot into the light - fighting flare and highlight blowout with creative chemistry and darkroom technique. Although each critique is useful for learning, if I changed my ways to match each one, what would I have??? I learned a lot on PhotoSig. (I don't go there much any more) I learned that there are useful tips but ultimatley I must be faithful to the image I see in my mind that is the essence of what I see. Only a few might see what I see and many will see something completely different in a photo I make. Some won't get it at all - most of those that are close to me rarely see what I see in my photos. So my style is the ever- evolving way my photos reflect the spirit of what I see. If my photo reflects this, I succeded. Anything short of that and it is just another snap shot --- or worse.