You know you have too many cameras when you spend more time deciding which one to take on a shoot than actually shooting! Personally, I have a wide range of MF from TLR (Mamiya C33), RFDR (Fuji, Nettar & Zenobia folders) my Mamiya 645 and finally my RB. They all get a good work out during the month. Each camera has a particular "gift". I love the RB for close ups and landscapes with it's resulting beautiful renderings. My folders are great when I wish to travel light but still want high quality. I find that my 35mm cameras tend to stay at home the most but they see a fair amount of use. Bottom line, use them & enjoy; don't sell ANYTHING unless you must! (I once sold a mint rare Canon black 6L (think of a VIT with lever advance). I saw one once for $7,000! Just enyoy your hobby and shoot!