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I live in Australia, I did a little experimen with my d*l SLR and a long lens with spot metering. I found at mid day, the highest contrast range I could find was 6 stops, between the sky, and an open faced parking garage under a high a rise building (which was the deepest shadow I could find at the time).
Well most of the sky here in Turkey is a deep blue, Zone V The contrast is very much higher now in the sunlight at 7:55 am, the shadows are deeper. I'd measure it but my Spotmeter disappeared off to the South

2F/2F's right if you have your film speed and developer combination right you can cope with many situations just making adjustments for extremes of lighting.

Where contrast does tend to be an issue is when you photograph in areas of deep shadow, sheltered from the fill in effects of the sky, but with patches of sunlight. But out in the open landscape contrast in bright sunlight's rarely an issue whether it's midday or dawn to dusk.

This is midday sun in the UK at the end of April, before Stoo, Mark & I adjourned for a bit of lunch & a pint.

Mark Burley & I had been discussing where to place the shadow details, he'd have given a stop more exposure, but I assured him that it wasn't necessary