I've got a bunch of random bits that need a new home. Seriously, someone needs to be using this stuff, because it's just sitting here doing nothing other than taking up space. So if you see something that you'd like, but don't want to pay what I'm asking, name your price. You may be pleasantly surprised.

And while I will let most of this stuff go for cheap, please keep in mind that I do need to cover shipping (USPS flat-rate box if it'll fit) and paypal, and I'd like to be able to toss a few coins to APUG as well. I'm also going to reserve the right to say no, because I'm not letting this stuff go for free, or worse, at a loss.

fine print: all prices include shipping/paypal in continental US

Alrighty, here goes:

Zone VI Compensating Enlarging Timer: Pretty much like new condition. The only flaw that I can see on the unit are a couple tiny paint chips near the top mounting holes (seem to be down to the primer, not the metal). I never mounted it anywhere, so maybe they were there when I got it. Who knows. Includes sensor and foot switch. ASKING PRICE: $180

Beseler Universal 20 16x20 4-blade easel: Another waaaay underused piece of gear. There are a few marks on it, but all-in-all it's in pretty nice shape. ASKING PRICE: $180

80mm Rodenstock Rodagon f/4.0 enlarging lens: Lens is in very nice shape with minimal dust or handling marks. Includes hard plastic case. Asking Price: $80

50mm f/2.8 Schneider Componar-C enlarging lens: The lens is in good shape with only a few flecks of internal dust. Asking Price: $35

Bogen 3025 tripod 3-way tripod head: (same as Manfrotto 058, I believe) This has seen an average amount of use and has a number of small blemishes and even a bit of dust on it. Works like a charm though. Asking Price: $23

Saunders/LPL 670 MXL enlarger: This one is by far the most painful to let go of. I used it only a handful of times before found myself moving multiple times across the US (always to somewhere I really couldn't set up a darkroom). She's pretty much like new except for a half-inch hole in the top plate of the head were I mounted the outlet for the Zone VI timer's sensor. I'd prefer local pickup (Salina, KS, 67401), but I'll be traveling to Michigan at the end of August and would consider dropping it off along the way. Asking Price: Make an offer

B+W Filters: 72mm linear polarizer, 77mm yellow (022), 77mm yellow-green (060). These are used, but certainly not abused. There are faint marks on the glass of each, but nothing I'd ever be concerned about. Use and enjoy. Asking Price: $22 (pola) $17 (colors)

LowePro Stealth Backpack: Includes laptop case. What can I say? It's seen some miles, but certainly has a lot of life left. Asking Price: $65