This weekend I was shooting in Long Canyon (Burr Trail, near Boulder, Utah) and happened on a photography workshop lead by Jack Dykinga. I chatted with a few of the participants when we ended up in the same location. Most were large-format shooters from the East, and quite sociable (actually, the most surley of the bunch were all shooting 35mm; coincidence, I'm sure).

What puzzled me, and I never had the chance to ask, was what all did they get as a participant? I mean, if it's just a reson to go somewhere spectacular and shoot, they can read one of the many books or newsletters or web guides and just go. That philosophy cost me one weekend, $8.00 in camping fees, $20 in food, and about $20 in gas.

If you've done a workshop, I'd be very interested in knowing what else you get for your money, and what you liked most about the experience.