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Try a refurbished Sputnik and do medium format 3D. It isn't much larger than a Realist and the results on chrome film will literally take your breath away. Amazing. There is no point to 35MM 3D once you've seen it in MF. If you aren't looking to tinker try the 3D World MF camera. My 2 cents.

I spoke about this in detail in a recent Inside Analog Photo podcast if you are interested.
I'll 2nd this recommendation, I bought a sputnik about 6 months ago and it's become my new obsession. Stereo 6x6 slides create the most amazing images I've ever seen.

I didn't expect much out of the optics of an old russian camera, but I've been impressed--very good contrast and sharp at all apertures.

Sputnik's in great condition sell for around $200 online.

While I haven't hand any problems with mine, I've heard these cameras can be prone to light leaks, there's an excellent online resource dealing with modifications and improvement to these cameras: http://www.rmm3d.com/3d.encyclopedia...m/sputnik.html