So I was keeping this for myself, hoping to find the time (and skill!) to fix it up. But I have a couple of long-term projects, and I'd rather let it go now.

This is a complete outfit, consisting of the camera, a Thornton Pickard shutter, a Congo 21cm lens, and three holders.

The nameplate on the camera says it is the Special model, made by Tamura Nisshindo & Co., a fairly obscure Japanese camera maker. The camera is well made, to the usual high standards of Japanese craftsmanship.

There are a couple of things that need fixing:
1. The bellows needs replacing. There are about half a dozen holes. It could probably be used after patching up, but not on a long-term basis.
2. On the front standard bed, a small piece is loose, and needs to be glued in place.

Other than these two things, the camera has very few marks, and was well maintained. All the gears work smoothly, and locks tighten up well.

The lensboard has a flange that can also take a Copal 3 lens.

The holders are a bit unusual. Sides 1, 5 and 6 have the full half-plate size. Sides 2, 3 and 4 have a 83x103mm window. The windows are made of thin wood, and can presumably be removed, if necessary. I assume this was the photographer's way of reducing costs. The holders are in good condition.

The Thornton Pickard shutter's blinds need to be re-attached. The shutter material itself appears to be in good condition. Again, very few marks on the outside, and the gears look clean.

The Congo Anastigmat 21cm f/6.3 barrel lens is clean and bright, except for a couple of dust specks inside. The aperture scale runs from f6.3 to f32. There's a nice leather front cap and case.

Everything fits into a nice leather case that needs a bit of sewing skills.


$300, including JapanPost EMS shipping.