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Francesco, I see that you're posting questions about AARs all over the place. I think you don't understand what you're trying to do.

For the fair dinkum on AARs, visit www.graflex.org and read the FAQ. I wrote it, I'm not going to type it again.

I don't believe you can use an AAR on a Premoette but could be mistaken. The AAR slides into a large format camera's back like a standard sheet film holder. If your Premoette will accept standard sheet film holders, you can use an AAR made for a 2x3 camera with it. But I've had two Premo #12s -- also 2x3 cameras -- that accepted only pack film and non-standard sheet film holders. Check whether an AAR for 2x3 will do what you need before buying one.
Dan, yes thats me posting questions all over the place, after all thats how you find answers. Thanks for the response and the link. I've already read it, quite informative. It was actually one of the first articles I read on the AAR and I almost emailed you at the address listed at the bottom of the page to inquire further but I found my answers and didnt need to.

Anyway, I'm actually quite aware of what I'm trying to do. From what I understand (and of course I cant confirm this until I try it) Adapt-A-Rolls for 2x3 cameras do indeed fit the Premoette Jr. but I believe that it may require some small modifications to be a perfect fit. The AARs are narrower (just by a small amount) then many other available 2x3 roll film holders such as the graflex holders for 2x3 and others brands of holders. My issue is that I don't want to modify the camera at all so I need to find a happy medium that will allow me to shoot with the camera. If that means sheet film then so be it. Either way, I think I have as much information on the use of Adapt-A-Rolls for this purpose as I am going to get so if I find one for cheap I'll pick it up and give it a try and if it doesn't work then I'll just use it on another camera done the line.