As the Mamiya 6 will soon arrive, I need to let my good old friend go, so here comes your chance:

Please read carefully - everything comes step by step

For sale is:
- Rolleiflex T
- Original case
- light case from (this one) - fits the camera perfectly - even with the lens hood.
- LOTS of accessories (see below)



Rolleiflex T:
- nice user condition
- CLA by Jurgen Kuschnik made on November 2009 (126 euro) - original bill will be included (together with shutter times)
- everything works as it should
- no spots or cleaning marks on the lens (I always used a filter to protect the lens)

Original Rolleiflex T case:
- used condition (can be made fully usable)
- the side seams have fallen apart - but the leather was not torn so one could just re-sew it with the proper needles.

Photobackpacker lens case:
- not shown in the pictures above (!)
- looks nearly like new
- VERY light but offers very good protection
- the Rolleiflex T fits in perfectly
- great for transporting the camera in a non-photo backpack or luggage

Small accessories
- short cable release
- original lens hood - in a user condition, but attaches securely
- sandisk small pouch (two 49mm filters fit in)
- Original Close-up lens with leatehr case ( 2 close up lesnes and one correction lens for the viewing - so it is complete) - good user condition, glass without scratches
- Rolleiflex H-1 protection filter - I used it all the time, very good condition
- Rolleiflex yellow-medium filter - good condition
- Rolleiflex light green filter - very good condition, newer filter
- RARE Agfa Rolleifilter 30 (bayonet I) - similar to 81A. Good condition. Looks uncoated. Older filter.
- 3x single filter leather case
- Bayonet-to-49mm fadapter ring
- 49mm Hoya ND8 (3 stops) neutral density filter - very good condition
- 49mm Heliopan circular polarizer - very good condition
- 49mm Heliopan RG715 infrared filter (715 nm) - very good condition
- few 3/16 to 1/4 tripod adapter bushings (see flickr)

I am located in Gemrany, so within EU the DHL is the best option and rather cheap. For out of EU please select the shipping method of your choice, though be prepared for high shipping costs with UPS or Fedex. DHL shipping is an option too for out-of-EU destinations, however the shipping may take long (tracking is not too detailed) - I have experienced anything between 2 - 7 weeks when shipping the US.

Payment :
- bank transfer
- PayPal

Price: 450 euro for the whole setup. I would prefer not the split the offer - this is really a great camera with everything you need to use it.

Questions :
- please ask any camera related questions via this thread.