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The subtitle might be The Richard Ritter Camera Extravaganza, because well have, at least, 3 Ritter 8x10s, 2 Ritter 7x17s, and whatever else Richard has lying around. Well have them all on tripods with lenses for folks to touch. Im trying to figure out a way for folks to make 8x10 exposures, too.
With tongue firmly planted in cheek.......

Oh sure, those 8x10 guys get all the attention....how come you aren't trying to "figger" out a way for folks to make 7x17 exposures

OK, so you point an 8x10 at some of those magnificent rocks on your property, load some film holders with finished photographs of the same image. Let the participants look at the ground glass, put the film holder in the camera and make an exposure. You then have them pull the holder from the camera and remove the darkslide to reveal the finished, toned, signed photograph. Sure beats digital

Or, tell Richard to manufacure some 4x5 cameras and I'll bring a couple polaroid holders and some polaroid film for them to shoot

Sorry Bruce, but I have no practical solutions to offer