Okay, I'll try to answer all at once here. Mr. Milikan, Thank you I guess ultra large format does make sense. My point is that except for the education I will need for "film analysis," which no one has suggested before, I already do this proceedure. Since I have return business I am hoping that my lack of specific analytical expertise hasn't harmed me yet. But you are wise in suggesting and I will do that ASAP.

The diapositive film cat for Kodak seems to be

Kodagraph Continuous Tone Mapping Film. CTMA/2490. Also comes in translucent white.
This is for b&w.
159 6204 for 24 x 36, hmmm, for Agfa I can get 10 x 10 and 42 x 100. Kodak has this and rolls 24, 36, and 42 inch wide with cat #'s 125 7195, 174 1115, and 178 4461 respectively.

Also they have Duplicating RA film

Kodak Aerographic RA Duplicating Film 4425
Cat #831 1557 and these are 10x10 no other size is listed.

Thank you. Lee, for the email address I will do that directly as you suggest.

Jorge, I try to keep my pricing simple for paper prints/negs, color and b&w are the same. Base price for just the usual amount of attention, dodging, burning in etc, is $15 sqft for print #1, $12 for multiple copies 2-4, and $9 for prits 5 and over.

Thank you all for all of your attention, I am so much more relaxed now that I have some "friends" who have a clue about what interests me.