My girlfriend just acquired a Polaroid Land Camera 100. On the bottom of the camera is a sticker that says "New Battery 2-7-1972". I'll be darned if I can find a battery compartment on this camera, and the manual indicates no battery either. What gives?

Something is awry, because we purchased some film from the Impossible Project, and they all came out unexposed.
They were all a dark turquoise green color, except for one, where we tried to pull the white tab before exposure, which gave a pretty cool abstract look, but still not at all resembling what was in front of the lens.

So we assume we have a shutter problem, and that any potential battery would be related to that problem. Or it's just a mechanical shutter problem.

Where do I start to look? I've never used a Polaroid camera before.

Thanks for any help,

- Thomas