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I&#39;ve only tried Michael A. Smith&#39;s formula, so I can&#39;t comment on the others, but I&#39;ve heard they don&#39;t last nearly as long and don&#39;t work as well. Check out his site for the formula, developing times, technique, etc.


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You should get your amidol from Mike Jacobson at:


Mike is quite familiar with all of Michael Smith&#39;s formulae.

You will also need sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate (plain fixer), citric acid, sodium sulfite and sodium (meta)bisulfite. Also, I put benzotriazole in my amidol but I seem to be in the minority.

Figure about 5 lbs. of fixer crystals for each gallon of working solution. I have gotten pink stain on my prints when using ammonium thiosulfate based (rapid) fixers with amidol. I didn&#39;t always get it, but it absolutely ruins your prints when you do. Better to be safe than sorry when working with precious amidol and Azo.