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Additionally, mine has leveling feet and to be honest, it seems bigger/thicker than this one, plus geared everything (tilt, pan, raise, lower). Though it is hard to tell from pictures.

You could probably, quite literally, put it at it's maximum height and sit on it (depending of course on how many Big Macs you eat....)

I'll post my pix soon, though thanks for sharing yours frobozz

update (you posted more pics before I was done!).... yeah, mine is slightly different, definitely a more robust model. It couldn't possibly get that small.
Those were two different tripods (I told you I had OCD!) The tiny one was AMAZING - how small it could get vs how stout it was... but indeed, it simply didn't go high enough for my purposes when extended, so I sold it (after swapping some parts off of it with the one I kept :-) )

Neither of those had heads on them, thus the missing axes of gearing. I'll have to see if I can find a picture of the one I kept...