When I decided to get back to MF after several frustrating years in 35mm, my only thought was of a Hasselblad. I contacted a pro friend of mine, who did a fine job of my daughter’s wedding, for advise. He informed me that he used to use two Hasselblads but was (for undisclosed reasons) unhappy. So he sold them and bought a couple of Koni Omega rangefinders – with which he made the wedding photographs. He also put me in touch with his friend who wished to sell his collection.

About 1997/8 while visiting in Charlottsville Va, I found a lovely little country church (horse country, that is) in a nearby village of Cismont. A neighbor of the folks we were visiting was an enthusiast Hassy owner and he and I went to Cismont to photograph the church. I supplied rolls of PXP film and set up the cameras on my (heavy as H---) tripod, adjusted the distance for the difference in focal lengths and made a few frames. I processed each roll identically in good ol’ D76 1:0.

On a whim, I masked the negatives so that the formats were not obvious and took the whole shebang to a local art school where three professional photographers attempted to match the negative with the camera. After much debate over “shadow values, sharpness, acuity, contrast”, et c., the unanimous conclusion was wrong – they picked the 6x7 KO negative. Well, the actual fact is that there is no difference in the enlargements at all. And I refuse to post these images because the scanning process destroys the very insignificant differences.