Yep, definitely bigger

Here it is, in all it's herculean glory. This tripod could put any camera in any position at a height of around 7 feet or more, safely and securely. This thing is truly gargantuan.

As you can see, it's dusty & rusty. Everything is a little on the stiff side, but no grinding, no forcing... just in need of a cleaning & lubrication; some general TLC.

The geared head works smoothly with plenty of resistance from the spring, and tightens down securely; the swivel/pan works very well as evidenced by the long exposure picture. The geared elevator works well, except that I can't get the screw that is responsible for locking it at a given height to thread smoothly and thus secure it. This is the only thing that is not functioning correctly.

The spirit level is still full of liquid, the head/platform can tilt 90 degrees or more and a sophisticated gearing system makes the tripod-thread easy to attach to a camera.

This tripod is seriously capable, but a bit of a fixer-upper. If I had the time, I'd take it apart and clean everything, maybe replace some of the rustier bits and do some scrubbing with a brass brush; this could go a long way. As it is however, I don't need any new projects! I'd love to sell this to someone here that can spruce it up and bring it back to full glory.

I'd be happy to get $200 for it, plus shipping (which will no doubt be signficant).

Please let me know your honest opinion and don't hesitate to make me an offer if you're interested.