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You REALLY should be more concerned with the LOSERS at BP for destroying the worlds oceans and not so much with the water used by rinsing film or prints.

We in the USA pay a MAJOR amount for Water and Sewer processing and the amount of stuff that goes in the sewer is NOTHING compared to what goes down the drain just in household cleaners and washing cloths etc, So we PAY for this use and what we are depositing is a drop in the bucket.

And if you are REALLY freaked out, go buy some carbon offset credits (http://www.carboncatalog.org/) to off set your hazardous waste activity !!

Now you will be SUPER GREEN !!!


You remind me of Margaret Thatcher, who when asked about the radiation escaping the nuclear nonsense in the U.K. said that the radiation level was low, below the background radiation level.
As if only the biggest amount counts and things don't all add up.

Sure, the Gulf spill is terrible.
But how is that a reason not to worry about all the other ways we polute the waters?

And are you saying that as soon as you PAY for something, it goes away?
As in: if BP PAYS everyone who wants to be payed a huge amount of money, then the Gulf isn't polluted anymore (or it still is, but it's not a big deal anymore)?