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After shooting several rolls with it I have come to the conclusion that I prefer the Holga. To me a Holga is the definition of toy camera photography (heavy vignetting, light leaks, soft focus...). The Diana is a very clean image in comparison to the Holga (perfect squares, not much vignetting, no light leaks). I'm just a little confused as to why Dianas are being cherished, but Holgas aren't... yet. -Grant

hi Voidoid

I LOVE the dianas - and I'd never "settle" for a Holga...

here is why: a question pops up in my head: was it the "deLuxe" version you got? (they are too "good")

I once saw an add for Holga. It said: "HOLGA : the son of Diana.." and so it is.

when I am using my Di I don't go for the heavy vignetting as you put it. it is easy to get that in any camera. so it is not the vignetting BUT the distortion that the Di gives - something simply unique in the camera world.
try to take pictures of a person with some trees in the background.
the more space there is from this person to the trees - the more it distorts.
It is like some one sits and pulls the negative in the corners..

Some Di's leaks light - some don't.
the "perfect" square I can't understand (unless it is the DeLuxe)

there should be focus on the fact that 120 film look different in the plastic reel that holds it. Some has a "X" shaped hole - some an "I" shaped.
It seems like the plastic knob, that holds the film in place has some difficulties holding the X shaped ones, and therefore winds up the film quite loose. If you want lightleaks then you should use theese..... and maybe shake the camera once in a while, while the film is in it...

you say that your Di only have one aperture and one speed setting..
you can get the Diana F (with "flash") that gives you three apertures - one speed + "B" function.. (go for that)

by the way: did you know that you can use Rolleinar close-up lenses and they fit perfectly on the Di lens.. for close up's? that's fun....