Thanks for your reply David
I just tried comparing my sekonic and the internal meter.
The internal wont spotmeter below 1/3 sec so at lightbulb that didn't work.
The CV on a greycard goes.
1/3-1/4 @2.8; 1/2,5@4.0; 1/1,6@5,6; 1sec@8.0; 1,3sec@11; 1,6sec@16 and 2sec@22.
The sekonic said 1/15@2,8 + 6bars meaning 1/2stop less than f/2,8
This leads me to a preliminary conclusion that the camera meter is somehow fooled. Or does things work different in makro ?
I will test this in better light if the sun is out tomorow.
Hmm yes the thing definitely behave strangely but when I gt it right the pics are worth the work. Ever seen a pepergrain at 3X